Olympus E-510

The Olympus E-510 was released in 2007 and it follows the four thirds lens format.  Some of the ways you can now stabilize your images are with the Sensor Shift Image Stabilization, Supersonic Wave Drive, and Autofocus settings.  The Sensor Shift Image Stabilization will all but eliminate blur from your subjects as the camera automatically adjusts for motion.  Feel free to pan across the scene, the stabilization will adhere to correct tracking.  Even low light situations benefit from this feature!  Supersonic?  What the Wave Drive will allow the camera to dust out its own insides.  How cool is that?  Vibrations will remove the dust into a filter, allowing you to take photographs without dust dots on them.  Finally, the autofocus feature has the Olympus E-510 automatically detect the scene in front of it and focus on the central figures.

Creativity abounds with all the adjustable features you have available to use to enhance your plain-Jane images and turn them into masterpieces with the Olympus E-510.  Exposure settings will let me adjust to compensate for lighting.  No more overexposed or underexposed images need to be created!  The metering modes will allow you several options can go hand-in-hand with the exposure settings.  Colours can be adapted to fit your mood.  There is the feature that will allow you to pick from vivid, natural, muted, monotone or sepia colour.  Feel like an old western?  Try the sepia setting.  Would you like to really emphasize the red rock formations?  Try vivid colour.

Take one!  With the Olympus E-510 you have the Scene Mode feature, with eighteen choices, the camera can automatically adjust with each one.  The scenes include fireworks, portrait, sports, landscape, sunset, beach or snow and underwater.  With the programmable scenes you can add even more control by picking macro, landscape, portrait, night or action.

You can save your photographs a few different formats.  With raw your image will be the closest to true colour and contrast.  The camera will not compress the images and image processing is minimized, so no pixels will be lost.  High quality jpgs are saved in SHQ format.  The lowest compression ratio is used for the highest resolution possible in jpgs.  Medium sized files can be saved under the HQ option and the lowest res files will be the SQ setting.

With over twenty lenses available to enhance your work on the Olympus E-510, the possibilities are practically limitless on what you can do!  Storage options run the gamut of compact flash through microdrives.  Built-in flashes can be augmented by using wireless remotes to add slave flashes to your camera system. A brief search on-line should reveal that this was and is a popular little jewel of a camera, scoring high marks in reviews at its launch. Built in last and with a long battery life (over 500 photos each charge), you really can’t go wrong!

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