Free London classifieds provides free London classifieds. The classified adverts are free of charge to individuals and businesses. Each classified advert will be live for a period of 1 month. You will also find a number articles in our knowledge base, and from time to time, we also present great deals we have found from retailers or even direct from the manufacturers.

Currently, This site is focused on promoting London classifieds, that is classified adverts for people in London. We are building the category structure as ad requests come in. Feel free to post London classified ads to the general section. Not all adverts will be accepted as this site will not cater for all sectors. aims to be a destination for collectors. We would love to get Classified ads postings from London based collectors. These London classified adverts for collectors are welcome.

Even if the category you want is not available, Kindly post to the general section. We envisage collectors focused categories such as Camera equipment, computers, ceramics, antiques, watches, toys

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